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28 Dec

TinnitusRelief | Stop The Ringing In Your Ears

Posted in on 28.12.09 by Merlyn

TinnitusRelief Stop The Ringing In Your Ears

If you’re experiencing an annoying ringing, hissing or or buzzing sound in your ear, you probably have tinnitus.

Most people generally experience tinnitus sometime in their lives, usually after attending a rock concert or a dance where loud music is being played.

You tend to talk out after the concert and hear a buzzing sound in your ears that usually clears up by the morning.  It’s quite natural for your ears to ring after being exposed to prolonged loud noises like that.  But for some people the ringing never goes away. I’m one of those people and I have suffered with tinnitus for years.

Different people describe the sensation as a ringing in their ears.  Others say it’s a buzzing noise. Various other descriptions are a humming sound, the noise of running water and for some people tinnitus even sounds like a seashell being held close to their ear.

There are also other, less common forms of tinnitus, where the sounds are often described as being like a being noise. Suffers of this type of tinnitus often say it sounds like Morse code in their heads. And even rarer form of the disease is hearing different sounds in your ear all at the same time.

In medical terms many different types of tinitus have been identified.  The most common type of ear ringing is Tonal Tinnitus.  This is the type of tinnitus that I suffer from. Tonal tinnitus is a continuous ringing in your ears that never goes away. The noise can often get louder and softer depending on what is happening in your life.

Stress is a very common cause of tonal tinnitus actually getting louder. At other times, the ringing levels actually drop down quite a few decibels so that I can hardly notice it. But it never disappears completely and has been known to actually send some people mad.

Another type of tinitis is called Pulsatile Tinnitus. With this type of tinnitus you’ll experience intermittent or pulsating sounds in time with the beat of your heart. This is a more unusual form of the disease.  Another quite unusual form of ringing in the ear is known as Objective Tinnitus. In this form of the disease the person suffering from tinnitus is not the only one who can hear the noise (which is usually the case). If someone is suffering from objective tinnitus it is quite common for other people to actually hear the sounds too.

It is also quite common for people suffering from tinnitus to experience dizziness, pain in their ear or ears, a feeling that something is blocking their ear or headaches.  Tinnitus is not a pleasant symptom.  Strangely people suffer in silence although the noise in their ears is usually driving them crazy. That’s because no one else can hear what they are going through. And it’s a reason that many tinnitus sufferers are actually driven to despair and even suicide because they feel that they are all alone.

Many medical experts believe that tinnitus can not be cured. One of the main reasons for that belief because even Ear, Nose and Throat specialists are not 100% agreed on where tinnitus actually originates from. Some belief damage of the inner ear causes the ringing. Yet other think that it is nerve damage or a tumor inside the brain itself that is responsible for the noise.

However, I disagree with those experts.  I believe that tinnitus is not only controlling but it can actually be cured. I should know because like I said, I suffered in silence with tinnitus for years. Then I found a cure for my tinnitus and stopped the ringing. It is something that has  worked very effectively for me and which I believe can work for you too.

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