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06 Jul

Blocked Ears Stuffy Head

Posted in Tinnitus on 06.07.93 by Merlyn

Blocked Ears Stuffy Head
I have a lot of bubbles inside my head! (nose and ears)?

Basically, I am sick and if I blow my nose and use my hands to block air coming out, the release of air through my ears, but sometimes I feel as if the drops in the nose is super stuck and now I blew so loud that my ears blown stack and now I can not hear through my left ear. This situation worries me because I feel too much pressure between my eyes help!

go to the doctor and get a decongestant to help clear within. the air in his ears burst eardrum is serious if you have any eyelets. sounds like a bad cold. get a bowl of boiling water, add some Eucalyptus and place a towel over his head on the cup and slowly breathe in the steam. plz make sure that water is not too hot, does not burn well

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