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29 Apr

Ear Ache Tooth Ache

Posted in Tinnitus on 29.04.89 by Merlyn

Ear Ache Tooth Ache
How can you tell if you have a hearing problem or a tooth problem?

The left side of my head hurts I can not decide if it is a problem sinusitis and ear pain or pain thooth. I want to go to a doctor and this problem is solved, but I see a dentist or doctor. I suspect that the kind of toothache is secondary caused by the ear or sinuses, but know what you think. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Moreover, it does not hurt to brush my teeth and a tooth hurts, the left side of my mouth … upper and lower jaw.

I agree with ash, especially if taken out a tooth pain, if any toothache or can not tell where the pain comes, it could still be your bite or TMJ. Eat a reduction of 2 to 3 days and the rest of the jaw, if it improves then get a check of the TMJ or bite or two. If the pain is isolated in a tooth can be repaired in the first place, will have to anyway, if connected to your breast pain must improve in three days or more. The problem with teeth is the pain can be very variable but the general rule is that if a tooth is worse without treatment. Yielding a key in this situation, the patient is taking antibiotics and actually covers the dental problem before it can be diagnosed. Vi patent covers dental problems during years without knowing it, only to have the problems become worse and more difficult to correct. Good food, no food between meals, only water and good hygiene is your best defense.

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