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05 Dec

Ear Pain Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted in Tinnitus on 05.12.81 by Merlyn

Ear Pain Hydrogen Peroxide
Does anyone know some simple remedies for the house and the ear infection?

I tried the warm olive oil and does not seem to help. Also invited me to use peroxide. I'm allergic to hydrogen peroxide'm at the end of wits, with the pain. I do not have health insurance or I would have gone to a doctor by now. Does anyone know a few things you can find at home that can relieve pressure, pain, or both?

Alcohol drip into the channel (yes, definitely. Alcohol, baby oil and iodine are the active ingredients of medicines swimmer's ear). Pull the ear a bit and then allowed to elapse. Get a Ziploc bag and put hot water in it. Zip it up (make sure it is closed) and keep the ear. Take a decongestant to clear congestion in the center and take Tylenol. If not … you can really need to see a doctor over time. There are clinics that can be paid according to their income, if given the chance. Good!

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