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28 Dec

Hissing Sound In Ear

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hissing sound in ear

Some Sound In Ears – Loud Noise Results in Ringing in the Ears

Some Sound In Ears

The chirping of crickets inside his head is what keeps bothering John Bloom on several occasions. Sometimes it is like an extremely high pitched whistle. At other times, it seems like electronic beats. It is even stranger, like the hissing sound of air coming out from a balloon. Some Sound In Ears

This Californian man who is now 51 years old, is suffering from tinnitus, an ailment of the inner ear, that results in a feeling like relentless hammering created by sounds perceived by him. He dreads every single day that he has to live.

This disorder results in a gradual and irreversible hearing loss caused by frequent exposure to loud noises whether at home or at the workplace or even during recreational activities. Tinnitus is most certainly caused by aging.

Over 50 million people in America have been affected by tinnitus either occasionally or permanently as recently reported by the American Tinnitus Association. 12 million people badly affected and over 2 million gone completely deaf, that is what tinnitus has done to people.

Bloom’s hearing condition is grave. He is infuriated by his current state and feels absolutely devastated. Doctors are of the opinion that his visit to a rock concert two years ago is what set off his tinnitus.

Bloom is able to confirm the doctors verdict that a particularly bad moment during that concert caused his almost complete hearing loss; but he does not want to go on record to name the band or where the concert was held. He had taken along his foam ear plugs and was indeed wearing them throughout the duration of the concert. With loud music playing, he attempted adjusting one of the earplugs, but a blast of music that hit his unguarded ear at the same instant seems to have caused the permanent damage. Some Sound In Ears

A continuous earache and extreme sensitivity to noise showed up as initial symptoms the very next day.

As his hearing deteriorated further, he started perceiving a strange and continuous noise in the background. Within days of consulting a doctor, it was confirmed that, unfortunate as it was, he had tinnitus.

The fact that there is no cure for tinnitus was first mentioned to him by his doctor and then by an ear, nose and throat specialist. Despite some treatment that has a nominal effect, almost all patients are required to learn to cope with level of discomfort that still remains.

Tinnitus patients get some relief from the noise and stress by taking controlled quantities of sleeping pills and antidepressants. Bloom’s personal preference leans towards natural remedies. He trusts zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B12 supplements will make him feel a lot better, and he also takes melatonin for getting some much needed sleep.

At least a few of the current therapies actually fool the brain by making it believe that tinnitus is not present at all.

Neuromonics is the science of deploying electronics to create a low-volume white sound that seamlessly blots out the deafening noises. While timely treatment does help to some extent, more patients are being added every day. Whatever the solution, tinnitus just doesn’t seem to go away. Some Sound In Ears

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