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21 May

Milk Allergy Tinnitus

Posted in Tinnitus on 21.05.89 by Merlyn

Milk Allergy Tinnitus

Diet Tinnitus – Changes to Your Diet May Also Be Your Best Tinnitus Remedy

Diet Tinnitus

If you find the ringing you hear in your ears fluxes pitch and volume a lot, then you may find out that the tinnitus remedy for you is remarkably in your diet; just now a few simple unrest may put an end to the misery the ringing noises might be initiating you. As basic as it sounds this actually applies to pretty a lot of people. Diet Tinnitus

Typically, diet and general health are not considered the cause of tinnitus until other more common causes have been ruled out such as ear infections, nerve damage or sinus problems.

However your diet can play a role in contributing to the above causes, such as a problem with too much wax in your ears – dairy products, especially milk, can cause a build up and is common amongst children nowadays. This is because of the way the body deals with breaking down milk for digestion. It also causes excess mucus to be produced in the body although many people don’t feel side effects from this. Salt can have an immediate effect on tinnitus and will almost always make it worse. It can cause increased blood pressure and reduces blood flow to the eyes, brain and ears.

A lot of people have way too much salt in their diet and it has been proven that when sale intake is lowered amongst tinnitus sufferers that most of them found the ringing sounds reduced. Typically, those with too much sale in their diets eat a lot of prepackaged or processed food. Diet Tinnitus

Finally, flavour enhances, that are added to food to make them taste better, are a leading cause of tinnitus related to dietary intake. The most common that is used is MSG and is found amongst a lot of processed foods; you have to wonder why it is added to make it taste better when the food should taste nice anyway! MSG is also commonly used by restaurants that serve Chinese take away food.

Unfortunately, due to loopholes in the law which state that MSG must be put on the food label, there are ways around this and you might not realise just how much you are consuming. To summarize: Dairy, salt, and food additives can all lead to allergic reactions and although they will not directly lead you to having a constant ringing in your ears, they can lend a hand into the build up of the condition. Diet Tinnitus

It is worth considering a food allergy test if you suffer from Tinnitus but the cause has not been found. Suffering from Tinnitus and Ringing in Ear? Get your life back forever by checking out Diet Tinnitus now.

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