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19 Sep

Remove Ear Wax

Posted in Tinnitus on 19.09.04 by Merlyn

Remove Ear Wax
Anyone have any experience in using cone ear candles to remove ear wax? Can you give a brief description?

Taper Ear is a very old remedy that was and is used in many cultures. The goal is to eliminate parasites accumulated wax and other debris down into the ear canal, which is generally beyond a cotton swab can be achieved. The cones are composed of a combination of several elements depending on the brand or company, such as cotton, Hemp, paraffin wax and essential oils. Their size varies from about 6 "-15". The tip of the cone is inserted into the opening of the ear and the other end lit until the candle burns, to a certain extent. What happens is that the smoke creates a vacuum that goes into the ear canal, which in turn draws the wax and debris in the candle and then discarded. The process is painless and actually very relaxing. It is excellent for those with sinus problems, since it helps to drain the nasal cavity. It has other advantages, and a good place for more in-depth information. and the purchase of the best I still Kingcone.com cones. Good luck and happy stay.

Ear & Sinus Problems : How to Remove Hard Ear Wax

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