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14 Dec

Tinnitus Nerve

Posted in Tinnitus on 14.12.99 by Merlyn

Tinnitus Nerve
neck pinched nerve is ruining my life?

Apparently have a nerve (s?) In the neck (cervical spine). Physical therapy aggrevates only. Causes of tinnitus drive-you-crazy and a real pain. Many doctors tried. HELP in Stamford CT. Apparently with a nerve (s?) In the neck (cervical spine uterine). Aggrevates physical therapy only. Causes of tinnitus unit-to-real madness and pain. Delivered in attacks accelerate the variety of symptoms. He tried many doctors. HELP in Stamford CT.

What was the basis of his physical therapy? If it was above the stabilization of the "" founded're right, this aggrevates often a nerve. There are several approaches to this problem and it is likely that physical therapy is most appropriate. If the PT has not been certified in the diagnosis and Mechanical therapy (go to www.mckenziemdt.org) to learn more about this and find a professional in your area is something that I think before searching procedures expensive or invasive.

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